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Jet Fuel Gelato - Baked DC

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Can't say enough about this Jet Fuel Gelato from our friends over at Baked DC. It's a mega strong strain that has tested as high as 29% THC in recent lab tests. She's a hybrid cross of Jet Fuel G6 with the notorious Gelato45 and these stellar genetics are very clear from the first whiff.

The aroma is extremely pungent and exotic in nature. There's the ever present diesel, fuel-like smell combined with something sweet, but not fruity. The taste is a sweet, robust, almost doughy flavor, with a piney after taste.

This batch felt very sativa heavy at first, with an uplifting and euphoric buzz. The initial rush soon faded to a more dreamy and relaxed, but highly functional, state. Overall, it ends up being quite well-balanced and good for morning/daytime. I actually hit it in the vape, slammed a cold-pressed juice shot (chased w/ water) and went for a 5 mile run this morning. During the run I was definitely high energy and in the zone. Afterwards, I was in a warm glow of calm as I recovered.

Visually, this strain is quite unique and exotic looking. Her greens are both light and dark with tinges of purple throughout (though hard to portray accurately in the photo below). The trichomes are very starry, size-able, and amber-hued under magnification - all indicators of an expert cultivation and cure.

From a connoisseur perspective, this one makes the collection for being great eye-candy, possessing an exotic nose/flavor, and having dynamically powerful effects. If you haven't had Jet Fuel Gelato we highly recommend you schedule an appointment with the friendly and knowledgeable people over at Baked DC as soon as possible!


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