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Jet Fuel OG - No Kids Allowed

Nestled into a warm and inviting bookstore-like space near the Eastern Market in SE Washington D.C. is a great I-71 storefront that many in the neighborhood are raving about, but maybe you were unaware of. It's called No Kids Allowed and we've just become big fans!


They're clearly creatives with a passion for cannabis and this is present in the school-for-adults theme they have going in terms of their art and interior decor. While kids are definitely not allowed, adults are very welcome to "play" and the caring staff are eager to participate in helping you find all the right toys you need. With a wide variety of excellent flower, edibles, and concentrates there's something for all (adult) ages and interests too.


I was lucky enough try their Jet Fuel OG, a potent and delectable cross of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel originally bred by 303 seeds. It's mega gassy nose and flavor, for some reason, always equate to the perfect pairing for summer time activities for me. This along with the sativa energy makes you want to keep the day moving with an ear to ear smile on your face.


It even comes in a durable and air-tight container - one with an emblem of a jet fighter about to take off on it's top. Let this serve as a symbol for how this batch of bud will make you feel - like blasting off and ripping through the skies at supersonic speeds, yet with supreme control and clarity.


Fresh, pliable, oozing with trichomes, and with a petro-esque aroma you can smell for miles, she's definitely well worthy of a connoisseur's palate. To get some of this absolute GAS for yourself hit up No Kids Allowed today...and tell them Toker's Guide sent you.


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