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Kashmir Black by Abatin - Takoma Wellness Center

Check out this Kashmir Black from medical cannabis cultivators Abatin DC and currently available at Takoma Wellness Center dispensary. It's a rare indica dominant (70/30) hybrid strain that's the result of OG Kush and Durban Poison crossed with Champagne. With THC levels typically averaging around 30% it packs a highly potent, calming, and euphoria filled buzz perfect for medicating during the evening hours.

If you're not familiar with Abatin, they run a state-of-the-art climate controlled greenhouse and manage the broadest most diverse cannabis genetics library in DC. By using sunlight and taking an all-natural, research-driven approach they've been able to produce some of the highest quality and most unique harvests around.


The quality of their craft is clearly evident in this Kashmir Black specimen and noticeable from the moment you open the tamper proof seal on its gorgeous jar. A spicy, tangy, and slightly fruity aroma emerges and takes your olfactory senses on a tantalizing ride. Pouring the contents into my hand I notice the light and fluffy, yet crisp nature of the buds along with the solid trichome coverage.


Many of these trichomes were still in their "twinkly" phase while others were sizable and white indicating a more cured state than fresh. Nevertheless, the buds were still sticky when breaking them up and they certainly emitted a more effervescent form of their aroma with notes of fresh skunk and pine - much like a classic OG might possess.

Rolled up in a joint and sparked, the flavor is very similar to the aroma but with an exotic, hashy aftertaste blending with the pine notes. I also have to note the exceptional smoothness of the smoke, which makes it easy to want to keep toking it - especially when blowing big fluffy rings. Even watching its silky smoke ebb and curl is mesmerizing while under its sedative spell. I suppose there's little doubt why it has the name Kashmir.


To add a this super potent and uniquely flavorful Abatin Kashmir Black to the indica section of your stash box just head over to Takoma Wellness Center today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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