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King's Juice by Alt Sol - Takoma Wellness Center

An indica-heavy hybrid cross of famed citrus-rich sativa Mimosa and the ever potent King's Kush, this is King's Juice grown by DC craft medical cultivators Alt Sol and available at Takoma Wellness Center DC medical marijuana dispensary. Fit for the palate of a King who's really into their tropical fruits, this one can make your mouth start watering at first whiff.


As huge fans of the citrusy mimosa flavor, but not always wanting the strong sativa vibes that can accompany it (at night for example), this batch quickly moved to the front of the indica side of my stash box. It even played a bit of a trick on my mind at first, with my brain attempting to automatically connect the flavor profile to an energetic headspace. Of course, that effort failed fantastically while I was being overtaken with a wave of care-free relaxation instead.


You most definitely want to experience the flavors offered by what we've come to affectionately call "The Juice" while toking on a joint. The richness of the sweet citrus orange mixed with tropical fruit and backed by earthy kush undertones makes for a delectably smooth toke - one that becomes epically more intoxicating with each exhale.


To fill up your cup, or bowl as the case may be, with some of this chronically fruity King's Juice just grab your medical marijuana card and head to Takoma Wellness Center ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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