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Lava Cake - House of Herbs

Greetings tokers! We've reviewed Lava Cake before, but this is too good of a specimen not to share with you. Trichome coverage is well-known to be heavy on the strain, but this is pretty staggering - kudos to our friends over at DC i-71 storefront House of Herbs for carrying it. She's an indica-leaning cross of Grape Pie and the famous Thin Mint Cookies and, as the name implies, she's some very tasty and highly potent "fire".


Her aroma is fresh and fruity with notes of mint and an earthy chocolate-esque aftertaste. My mouth started instantly watering when I opened the pack and I pretty much cast aside many of the other strains that were in the queue for my bong, electing to move this to the forefront and pack it next instead.


When magnified, what looked sort of like glaciers of trichomes from further away became patterns of swirling small clusters up close. Note the hues of violet mixed with what seems so dark you could call it midnight blue. Look closer and you'll even see the tiny bright, light green remnants of sugar leaves. Needless to say the colors exhibited make for an exceptionally exotic appearance.


Some of the more purple indica's can be on the harsher side of the toking spectrum, but not in this case. Whether lit in bong or rolled in paper the puff is smooth from inhale through exhale, but several seconds later will come the standard tickle that will make even the most experienced tokers choke up a bit. Many find this aspect delightful and representative of flower in it's truly finest form. Maybe I'm old school, but I just see it as a call sign of the "chronic". You know if you hear someone making that unsuccessfully suppressed cough, choke, or even nose squeak after pulling a rip you get that much more excited to hit it yourself - I know I do!

So for some fire to fill your empty pipes this weekend head on over to Georgia Ave NW and visit one of DC's best i-71 storefronts, House of Herbs. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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