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Lavender Gluecakes - Elevated Lounge

Happy Friday everyone! This is a top priority toker alert designed to let you know that there's some incredible, fresh new headies that just dropped at DC i-71 storefront Elevated Lounge. It's called Lavender Gluecakes and it's some of my favorite ganja of the summer so far!


With starry trichomes aplenty and so sizable you can measure them with a ruler, you better believe this packs a potent punch. It's hard to tell how this one leans and there's nothing that I can find which makes the heredity super clear. My guess would be that she's a cross of Lavender, a potent kush, and Gorilla Cake, a balanced but slightly indica hybrid. In any case, this is as exotic as they come.


The aroma is like a fruity, sugary, but slightly sour candy, very similar to a strawberry Starburst (which I LOVE). This aroma passes into the flavor, where I also experienced notes of melon, pine, and a tinge of skunk. Upon exhale, expect to choke up and cough a bit, mostly in a pleasant way depending on the size of your hit. The consensus was definitely to rip her down in the bong though given how inundating the fruitiness becomes when you do.


If you've never seen truly fresh, truly awesome indoor flower at the level you find at a competition, this is your chance to check some out. In fact, I give this one full marks for aroma, flavor, potency, and appearance - clearly it was cultivated by experts at the highest level of TLC.


To get your hands on some of this Lavender Gluecakes just head to the Glover Park area of DC and check out one of our favorite storefronts, Elevated Lounge. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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