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Melonatta - Top Secret DC

Choptober is alive and well over at Top Secret DC. With something like 20+ new strains on their menu, if you're in the market for a great sack of chronic, check them out - you won't be disappointed. Of the three samples we got to review, I wanted to bring this sativa wild child, Melonatta to your attention first and foremost (hopefully before they run out).


She's a modern crossbreed of flavor and terp powerhouse Watermelon Zkittles and the citrusy salivation inducing Lemon Tree, originally cultivated by Grandiflora. Deeper in her lineage you'll find some sativa legends that can help explain why this is just so enjoyable for those true sativa lovers out there. While Watermelon x Zkittles is obvious, the Sour Diesel x Lemon Skunk pairing that resulted in Lemon tree is less so, and this might be the better half (imo). Heads up to all you sour diesel fans!


Along with her funky skunky fruit forward punch comes all the sativa energy inducing vibes you can handle. I personally pulled a couple tubes and went out for a lengthy jog this morning. About 20 minutes in, when I broke the trance of a mega productive daydream, I realized that not only did I have a huge smile on my face, but I wasn't winded in the least. I ended up doing considerably more than my usual circuit, partially because of the great fall weather, but mostly because I just had such good vibes going.


For a little extra pep in your step and a great all around toke, hit up i-71 delivery and pickup pro's Top Secret DC and grab some of this Melonatta for your own stash. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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