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Miracle Whip - Top Secret DC

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

If you're a cannabis connoisseur on any level—and anywhere near the DC area—I hope that you're familiar with Top Secret DC. If not, now would be a really good time to hit them up. Typically when I review their flower gifts, the particular strain in question has a tendency to do three things:

1). Make it onto my top three list for sativa, hybrid, or indica.

2). Make its way to into my personal coffers by the zip.

3). Sell out pretty much the same day my review is published.

As I write this, there are three superstar strains on their menu and, after publishing this one, two of them I will have reviewed with full marks. So you could say that now might be the best chance to get ahold of some of their (absolute) fire before it's gone.

So what's up with the Miracle Whip?

A three-way cross of Cookies and Cream x Starfighter x Colombian, she runs slightly indica, and packs a uniquely calming, yet heady and creative high. The aroma and flavor is super sugary, creamy, and sweet with woody, skunky undertones. Rare, exotic, and delicious: this is a true find my friends!

The avalanches of trichomes are super fresh and the texture is still soft and highly sticky. When you break it up, your hands will start to stick to everything in a strangely sugary way - perhaps not unlike the hands of a seven year old after eating a ton of whipped cream atop a piece of sweet apple pie. Which begs the question: Do they call it Miracle Whip because you need a miracle to get it off your fingers? 😂

Honestly, the real miracle here is that it's not sold out by the time you request it. So, I encourage you to waste no more time, and give the fantabulous Top Secret DC a shout ASAP!


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