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Orange Tree - Buddha Buddy DC

If you like citrus forward flower this Orange Tree from our friends over at DC i-71 delivery service Buddha Buddy DC is one of the most pungent we've ever found. I've come across Tangie cuts and crossbreeds that have a similar tangerine lean to them, but the back side of the aroma is an exotic gassy-ness - presumably from the OG influence. To share a fun comment from a friend, "I've never smelled something so orange that looked so purple." 🤔😂


Good luck containing the smell too - your whole street is going to know that you have some fire so be prepared for inquiries. On the flavor front, I thought I sensed some gelato given the funky/creamy/skunky aftertaste, yet there's none in the lineage. Speaking of genetics and background, this is a cross breed of flavor house Orange Valley OG and designer gem 24K Gold strains.


It's known to run 60/40, indica heavy and this batch is spot on. The immediate rush after exhaling a hit is remarkable and makes you want to close your eyes to soak it all in. Soon that rush extends to the rest of your body and out to the reaches of your extremities. The OG and indica influence definitely shine through with the eventual buzz being highly euphoric and with a stoney mental haze.


For something uniquely exotic in both appearance and intense citrus aroma/flavor hit up Buddha Buddy DC ASAP and grab some of this epic Orange Tree strain for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for something special!

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