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Our Visit w/ Baked DC - Candyland

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Thanks so much to the kind people of Baked DC for inviting us to check out some of their new flower this week. We really enjoyed their utmost professionalism, cheery vibe, and wide variety of great flower! Their setup was very spacious and had a dispensary vibe to it with stands and displays for gifts. You'll also find their gifts helpfully color-coded: Purple (Indica), Red (Sativa), and Green (Hybrid).

With such a wide variety it was hard to pick which ones to review, but the helping hand of our Baked DC budtender helped narrow things down to six different varietals. This included 1 Indica, 1 Sativa, and 4 hybrids. All seemed like wise selections, but sometimes it's hard to tell through the we ripped 'em open and got better acquainted!

First up is Candyland, a sativa-dominant hybrid that's the offspring of Granddaddy Purps and Bay Platinum Cookies.

Right away you can tell the platinum cookie's influence on this strain with clustered trichomes everywhere. The grandaddy purp is also expressed by the occasional tinge of purple on the outer edges of these buds. This batch was expertly grown and well-tended.

The nose is earthy and like an exotic herb at first, then delightfully piney with notes of vanilla. When smoked, the exotic herbal flavor can be slightly off-putting, but the piney aftertaste whisks it all away momentarily. When vaped, the sweet/piney flavor is much more pronounced - an ideal way to enjoy this flower.

In terms of effects, you'll immediately notice the uplifting nature, but she's not an edgy sativa, just energetic. If you have a to-do list, you should be able to knock it out and maybe even feel good about moving on to do your neighbors to-do list as well. You could also say it's a social and talkative type of strain. Maybe smoke a joint and then walk to the local beer garden? Perhaps wine and paint night with a crowd? You'll have energy and chattiness to spare with this one for sure!

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