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Platinum Gorilla - Buddha Buddy

An indica dominant hybrid crossbreed of GG#4 and Platinum Kush, we're big fans of this new batch of Platinum Gorilla from DC i-71 delivery service Buddha Buddy. Personally, I'm into its rapid onset and deep, relaxing body high.


As with most gorilla influenced varietals the cottonmouth and squinty-eyed feeling are for real, but I find these qualities especially relieving of my allergies in the pollen-filled springtime.


Great for packing in the bong or rolling, this batch is in a really great place in terms of cure. Its internals are sticky from the still glimmering resin glands, while the outer portions want to precipitate a snowy white layer of trichomes all over the place.


The aroma is highly potent and will leave any room with a loud skunk smell. People in-the-know might say to you, "Did you let the gorilla out in here?" In flavor it's pretty much true to form GG#4 with a heavy diesel-inspired skunkyness and subtle pine and pepper notes. Yet, there's definitely a more exotic tinge of kush in the nose and aftertaste as well.


To catch the illusive Platinum Gorilla and experience the excellently stoning qualities of this batch for yourself just hit up Buddha Buddy DC asap. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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