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Platinum Tropicana - Top Secret DC

Ho Ho Ho! Stoney Santa got a little too stoney this year and is rolling in a little late to the party, but his gifts are from the tip top of the Super Nice List. Take the Platinum Tropicana Cookies, pictured below, available from Top Secret DC right now. Only someone with a truly magical touch - much like that of the jolly man from the North - could make this baby shine so bright this time of year.

And boy does she shine. Starry-white trichomes GLEAM as you rotate these colas in the light. The contrast against the utterly purple buds - yes, the color green is a rarity with this batch - makes the fiery, red hairs look like those of a leprechaun gone mad. This bud is insane.

If appearances weren't enough, she's also got an obscenely strong citrus aroma to match the other-worldly visual exoticism. Don't put this Tropicana in a jar with other strains unless you want them all to smell like a freshly peeled dump truck full of tangerines. No hyperbole, I have never had a more citrus-smelling or -tasting batch of bud. Even the last Tropicana Cookies we reviewed from these guys (which were completely amazing) come in second to these ~ beautiful nuggets of purple love ~ when it comes to intensity of aroma and flavor.

To build on the flavor discussion a bit more, to say it is only citrusy would be misleading. The mouth on this is layered in complexity. There are certainly sweeter hints, bready notes, and a lingering skunky aftertaste that makes you sort of cock your head in bewilderment.

From a cultivator's perspective, this flower is a dream come true. It is perfection across every millimeter with incredible attention to input, process, and detail. When you crack the stems at the base of the colas you can instantly smell a distinct skunky, tart, earthy smell. This smell is evidence of nitrozyme - an organic growth stimulator made of kelp extract - and its use in the grow. Its presence immediately indicates to me that this was an exceptionally high quality organic grow, and that its tenders spared no expense to keep it that way.

The genetics, said to be from a cutting in the bay-area itself, are from an exceptionally purple Tropicana Cookie mother that had Platinum Kush in its ancestry - undoubtedly added for yield and color. However, do not let the extreme purple lull you into thinking this is a sedative varietal - it is not. Running about 70/30 sativa heavy she can get your motor running for sure - NOT recommended for those new to partaking in flower.

Tokers: I highly recommend that you hit up Top Secret DC ASAP to get some of this for yourselves if you want to try it. You can thank me later - and give your own opinion if you'd like (see comments section).

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