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Tropicana Cookies - Top Secret DC

Good evening fellow tokers! The weed fairy has really been sprinkling her magic dust on the DC weed scene lately. What do I mean by that? Well, quite simply, there's just a bunch of really great weed floating around the District. Take, for example, the following Tropicana Cookies from Top Secret DC. When I reviewed the Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake from Joint Delivery at the start of the weekend, I was so sure that it would be the best that I would see for at least a little while. After all, it's stupendously great and the flavor is inescapably delicious. Yet, put this Tropicana next to it and, well, it's just too hard to tell which one is better. What's easy to tell, however, is that the two of them together have been making for an epic Sunday!

Toker's Guide macro image of Tropicana Cookies

While the PB Ice Cream Cake is certainly more on the indica side of the house, the Tropicana actually runs significantly sativa. So right off the bat, the comparison is a bit like apples and oranges. Looking closely, though, an expert eye can easily see that each was grown in remarkably similar way. The trichome coverage, the crispness of the cure, the brilliant white versus dark purplish hues. Visually both are spectacular.

Toker's Guide image of a Tropicana Cookies bud

If we ARE comparing apples and oranges, the Tropicana is most definitely the orange and, from an olfactory perspective, it rather ironically takes the cake. I have no idea how they get strains like this, and some of the Tangie I've had before, to smell and taste so close to a fresh, juicy tangerine. It's literally like they injected a gallon of fresh squeezed juice into each plant somehow. I'd also say that this citrusy-ness also impacts the buzz. It might sound ridiculous, but if there was ever a way to "feel" orange flavor, this should qualify.

Upon exhale, this citrus flavor utterly dominates, but soon gives way to notes of sweet cookie. In the vape, the mouthwatering is inevitable. In the tube, you can still get a really strong sense of Tangerine. In the joint, it's just astounding the range of flavors that evolve over the course of the session - might be the best way to go here.

Toker's Guide image of Tropicana Cookies buds

A wondrous cross breed of Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies this strain does end up, as I mentioned, on the sativa side (probably 60/40). As such, it's probably best for daytime use, but that's not to say that nighttime use would be detrimental. In fact, I think it's great for keeping some energy going, but still being able to comfortably fall asleep. That makes this one an absolute goto for social activities imo.

To partake in what is quite possibly the best citrus-oriented batch of weed I've ever had, give Top Secret DC a shout as fast as you can. This one surely won't last long!


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