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Power Sherb - No Kids Allowed

Happy Friday tokers! I've got a plethora of amazing new indoor to share with you today and tomorrow so stay tuned. First up, check out the crazy amount of kief falling off this Power Sherb from DC i-71 Storefront No Kids Allowed (one of our favorites)!


Power Sherb is actually Sunset Sherbert crossed with Cookies and Cream resulting in a 70/30 indica dominant hybrid. Both of these inputs are heavily influenced by the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) in their lineage, and their offspring carries forward the best of these traits with the result being immensely trichome covered and delectably sweet.


The aroma and flavor here are actually very much honey-like - sugary sweet, but with earthy and fruity hues. I tend to associate GSC with sugary breakfast cereals when in top form, and this batch would qualify as one of the sugarier, creamier ones available on your grocer's breakfast aisle.

The effects were characterized by my less frequently toking friend as "mind-melding", which is a bit of a stretch for the seasoned toker, but not far off. The buzz is highly euphoric and indica in nature, but I found myself with a creative and energetic headspace despite.


To get some of this deliciously sweet treat, might I say perfect for the holiday season, head over to the always delightful No Kids Allowed. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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