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Project 33 - House of Herbs

Goooood Moooorning Tokers! Wanted to very quickly let you know about a fresh and fantastic, chronically potent smelling batch that DC recreational (i-71) storefront House of Herbs just got in. It's going by the name of Project 33 so I'm assuming it's got a lot of Gelato #33 influence in it's lineage - and this is also apparent from the coloration in the photos. What you can't tell from the photos is just how much this stuff will inundate your house with the MOST dank smell ever.


If you're not familiar with Gelato #33, or "Larry Bird" as it's often known by, it's the result of a Cookie Farm and Sherbinski collaboration and it's almost always something to be stoked about when it comes around. In this case, I'm guessing the "Project" part is alluding to the presence of other, more sativa-oriented genetics, which make this more sativa leaning than your typical 50/50 Gelato #33.


I, for one, welcome the extra pick-me-up and I think it's additive to the overall enjoyableness of what are otherwise standard euphoric Gelato feels. It's likely, in my opinion, that this hidden sativa influence is actually Jet Fuel OG, thus making this some skew of "Jet Fuel Gelato". Of course this would also help to explain why my wife called down, "Honey! It smells like someone left the gas burner on. Can you check?!?!" If you haven't gotten the drift of what I've been saying so far, this bud is absurdly pungent!


So if you need a little pick-me-up to get your weekend going, and you want to carry around an awesomely stoney Gelato body buzz for most of the day, head on over to House of Herbs ASAP to grab some of this Project 33 for yourself. You can probably catch a whiff of it as soon as you pull on the block!

PS: Don't forget to mention Toker's Guide at check-out for a free pre-roll!

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