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Red Congo - Lucky Chuckie

An amalgamation of three different landrace strains, Mexican Sativa, Afghan Sativa, and Congolese, this Red Congo from DC recreational delivery service, Lucky Chuckie, is designed to add ideal qualities from each while still maintaining the majority of the benefits of the Congolese namesake. The result is a delightful and flavorful 100% sativa that makes for a fabulous daytime smoke.


From the sweet, fruity, and cheesy aroma that overtook me when I opened the bag to the spongy, gritty, and neon green material that makes it awesome to roll up, I was eager to give this one a "go" ASAP. When I sparked it up, I noted that the taste was a bit more spicy and earthy in nature than the aroma - how exotically delicious! What really made me a big fan, however, were the wonderfully unique effects.


As a sativa, it's a bit different than others you might have encountered recently. It comes on strong with a bunch of energy and gave almost everything that was going on around me a new, humorous light. Soon this energy evolved into a tingle of euphoria and a highly tranquil state where I maintained the aforementioned lens of humor, but wanted to lounge and bask in the sun versus being physically active. There was also a sense of mental clarity and ease that made me feel refreshed in a way.


To experience the phenomenal effects of this unique sativa offering from DC's Lucky Chuckie just hit them up and grab some Red Congo today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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