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Sherbert - Baked DC

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

We recently had the opportunity to check out Baked DC's batch of Sherbert (aka Sunset Sherbet). This pretty lady is an indica dominant hybrid (85% indica/15% sativa) created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties.

It's great for an evening session, just make sure you don't have anywhere to go and nothing important to do - this one's gonna couch lock you for sure. Oh, you'll probably want to keep your phone nearby to order some delivery too. Hopefully you can make it to your door? JK. Seriously though, this is a strong indica. Expect squinty-ness, red eyes, extreme hunger, bouts of the giggles, and binge watching.

In terms of aroma, this batch was very creamy and cookie-esque. These notes are also found in the flavor whether vaped or smoked. The buds themselves are very well structured and the trim job was excellent. Clusters of trichomes saturate fully mature calyxes and the cure was done right as well.

Overall, there are many who stand by Sherbert and say it addresses their insomnia, stress, mood swings, and anxiety. If that sounds like you, go ahead and make an appointment with Baked DC and check her out for yourself!


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