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Smarties - Cannabear

With a mega delicious sweet, sugary, and slightly fruity flavor along with some awesomely potent effects, you need to check out these Smarties from DC recreational (i-71) delivery service, Cannabear. I'm not sure if it will make you smarter or not, but it can definitely help with getting a good night's sleep. Don't they say that getting good rest is a pathway to higher intellect? 🤔


A three way cross of Blue City, Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies, she runs just slightly indica dominant and around 60/40. It's surprising just how much Diesel there is in the mix given the lack of any sativa drive. Yet, I quickly forget that Diesel's aroma and flavor lend themselves well to fruitier combos - think Raspberry Diesel, Strawberry Diesel, etc. Presumably, Blue City is referencing the Blue City Diesel in the sources I have on hand. Of course, that's a cross of Blueberry and NYC Diesel. Let's just say there are a lot of heavy hitters involved and they all mix to make one phenomenal flavor.


Personally, I think this is great rolling weed. By that, I mean that it breaks up really nice, it's not too sticky - though it is fresh and probably locally grown - and it smokes really smooth when rolled up in a paper (preferably organic). Additionally, the fruity, sugary aspects of the flavor come out perfectly in a joint of this in particular. So perfectly, in fact, maybe they should consider serving pre-rolls of this in the clear wrappers like the Smarties candy. You know, for style points.


To get your hands on some of these sweet, sweet Smarties just hit up Cannabear DC and place your delivery order ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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