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Spaced Out DC - Gushers

We're super stoked to welcome storefront Spaced Out DC to the mix...and we couldn't have picked a better time! Check out these Gushers everyone! 🤩👌


A newer strain that is fast becoming legendary, Gushers is a hybrid cross of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush that runs indica-heavy (60/40). Note, however, that it's not so indica-weighted that it will leave you facedown in the couch like some kid that ate 10 packs of Gushers candy and then crashed. No this one packs a really pleasant phase of euphoria that begins to flow almost immediately upon exhale. It's that stoney back tingling buzz that maybe you imagine a cat gets when you scratch it's back. Apparently, it also gives you completely random thoughts?


Zooming in, the coloration, structure, and trichome formation is astoundingly beautiful on the whole. The intense contrast between the fiery orange hairs and blended purplish-blues and hues of green is striking. If you look even closer you can almost make out some exotic turquoise in there as well - gorgeous!

Despite the mesmerizing aesthetics of this batch, perhaps the most remarkable aspect is its mega pungent nose. It's a stark, but savory skunkyness at first waft, kind of like if Pepe Le Pew was making sourdough bread in your nose. This, whatever it is, then evolves becoming more creamy and fruity. Needless to say this cut is far skunkier than the typically more fruit forward Gushers I've come across - and I'm totally loving it!

Yes tokers this fresh and delightful bag of Gushers is literally what I'm burning on right now, and plan to be burning on for the next few days. You too can be in the state of zen I'm in. Head on over to storefront Spaced Out DC ASAP and grab some for yourself!

PS: Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for a little something special!

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