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Tangie & GDP Whole Flower Carts - District Derp

I've mentioned this a lot, but having a solid selection of quality carts on hand for holiday periods of the year is a must for me and something I start planning well in advance. This year you can consider me overly prepared. In addition to the slew of other carts in my stable, DC i-71 delivery and pick-up professionals District Derp were nice enough to pass along two of their newest "whole flower" distillate strains for me to try.

Tangie, always a citrus powerhouse, isn't too overt in flavor with these carts, and that's a testament to their natural state. If you get a Tangie cart and it tastes strongly of orange candy, you have to wonder what went into creating that sort of intensity. Did they use terpenese? Are they naturally derived? In the case of District Derp these are, again, "whole flower" derived. In effects, the Tangie is exactly what I want as a sativa/haze-loving toker. It keeps me locked-in, free of pain, and the scent in the air (IF you notice) is like that of orange zest.

Grandaddy Perp, with it's subtle grape, berry, and spice accents, is the perfect counter punch to the Tangie. This is due to its immensely relaxing, indica-oriented effects, which wash over you clearing away the effects of those moments that put the hectic in your day. To be clear, think of this as your nighttime cart and the Tangie as your daytime cart, with the GDP possessing an amazing ability to smooth the evening transition between the two.

Whether sneaking off to "take the trash out" or "walk the dog" this holiday season you can be sure I'll have my trusty District Derp brand battery with "whole flower" cart plugged in and ready to rock. To get yours just give District Derp a shout to setup a delivery or pick-up today, and don't forget to use Promo Code "DERPTOKERSGUIDE" for 10% off your order.

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