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Thin Mints - Top Secret DC

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Emergency weekend alert to all you Tokers out there! If you aren't already aware, Top Secret DC has just dropped a bunch of bangin' new strains on their menu. One, from their Top Secret Genetics line, is the below example of Thin Mints and....holy shit you guys! This is one of my faves of the season so far. Why you ask? What makes THIS one so good in comparison to some of the other amazeballs strains on our featured review list? Well, for that, you truly must grab your own...


You see, no matter how good the pictures are, or how much I tell you how freaking ridiculously amazing this weed is, the truth is, none of this online, digital representation will do it the justice it deserves. Here and now, with it in my presence, I'm 100% stoked on this tree.


It's so utterly frosted with trichomes it would make anything else called "frosties" or "frosted flakes" in a line-up be tossed aside. The exoticness of the bouquet and the delightfulness of the rich, sugary flavor is heavily accented by the starkly contrasting skunk overtones. WHAT? Yeah, it's something to behold and whatever that previous sentence means, you're missing out if you didn't grab this like 10 min ago.


You might be able to just follow your nose to this phenomenal GSC, OG Kush, and Durban Poison (runs 50/50) crossbreed 🤩, but instead I recommend just hitting up Top Secret DC ASAP and setting up a delivery. Even if you don't live in the district (I didn't realize many of you don't know this) you can still have it delivered to your parking spot on the side of almost any DC street. No toking around while driving though - especially not with this stunning specimen!


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