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Toker Vision - 5/28

Hi Tokers! Ever wanting to keep you all better informed of the best cannabis out there in the DC scene, we present to you, Toker Vision.

Toker Vision is the first installment (test really) of our mission to present the best of what we're seeing from around the District right now...all in one place. If you're currently looking for the best around town, or will be this weekend, these are the things that we're toking on:



Top Secret DC - Wedding Cake: A favorite of ours due to it's very pungent skunky, yet sweet aroma. Makes the mouth water as it sets you adrift on a euphoric buzz. Still has the energy to get you off the couch for weekend festivities though.


Puff Kings DC - Animal Mints: Always the bready/skunky powerhouse, we love this one as the days get hotter. Something about the taste/aroma and summertime.


Joint Delivery - MAC: Truly an excellent batch of the very smooth, sweet, and fruit MAC!


Buddha Buddy DC - Jungle Cake: We haven't made our way to see it yet, but we're hearing good things about this typically very gassy, very skunky varietal.



Top Secret DC - Bully Lungs Co. Live Resin and Caviar

SO f'ing deliciously terpy oh my yum yum! <---this is not hyperbole.


DMV Organics - Banana OG 'RAW' THC Diamonds



Alternative Solutions - These guys are, of course, cultivators and you can't buy directly from them. However, you can find their products at almost all of the DC Medical Dispensaries. Anyhow, they just took down some fine, fine looking Super Glue that we will be reviewing shortly. This and some very flavorful Petro Chem are two of their strains you should keep an eye out for.



That's all for now folks! I hope everyone has a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! If we find anything else out there as we're making our way around we'll post them as quick updates in the comments below!

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