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Trailblazers Edibles - Joint Delivery

I hope everyone out there in the Tokerverse is having a great weekend! I wanted to take a moment to highlight some simply delightful edibles I've been thoroughly enjoying recently called Trailblazers Edibles. Their line is carried by our good friends over at Joint Delivery and, for me, they are really doing it right. Admittedly, I'm not the biggest edible fan. This is, for the most part, because I inhale cannabis at fairly regular intervals and edibles have been somewhat unpredictable for me in their onset and intensity in the past. I've def. been spaced out on some space cake several hours after I thought I was feeling it - maybe not the best state to be in for an important dinner meeting. Especially one where I'm expected to sample concentrate 🤦‍♂️ .

Nevertheless, the Trailblazer line appealed to me because the first three products I was presented with are some of my favorite flavors of sweets: apple pie, peanut butter & honey, and marshmallow. These weren't your standard brownie, sucker, and rice crispy treat like you see pretty frequently in DC, these were fairly unique and seemingly delectable treats - how could I not indulge?

The Apple Pie Bite, described as homemade apple pie with crunchy streusel topping, at 200mg THC was scary good. I say scary because that is not the biggest "bite" and it was insanely good, so one has to be extremely careful not to over do it. I recommend portioning with a knife. This made just the perfect little after dinner treat on Friday night!

After Friday night's experience, when Saturday rolled around, I was more than ready to check out the Apple Pie Marshmallow. Like a gooey marshmallow rolled in cinnamon, sugar, and apple spice, this was also a treat I cherished. At 50mg THC I still had to be a little careful here, but splitting it in half was no problem. I wonder what it would be like as a s'more? 😲

For me the buzz that accompanied both the apple pie bite and marshmallow was very enjoyable and, yet, different than some other, more sedative edibles I've had. I'd say they do a great job of creating their cannabis infused honey and coconut oil, which are listed as ingredients on these items. Novice cannabis cooks and confectioners often have difficulty with the cannabis infusion process. Too much heat or too long of a duration and concentration levels of, and conversion to, other cannabinoids occurs. For instance, at higher heat you can get high CBN conversion rates. This isn't necessarily terrible, but it does lead to lethargy and other, less desirable effects. Another pro tip is not to grind the plant matter you're turning into edibles too fine as it can create a hashy or grassy taste in the oil (and eventual product).

Last, but certainly not least, is the infused honey peanut butter. Oh my! I just love, love, love this stuff. You can spread it on all kinds of things and it makes them SO good. It's 100 mg so it can pack a punch if you need it to, but with the spreadability of peanut butter, it's so easy to just do a spread here and a spread there without getting carried away. I really want to start keeping a supply of this on hand regularly - my new edible go-to!

Whether you're into edibles, want to unwind smoke free, or just looking for something to jazz up your next dinner party, these gifts will certainly impress. For all of the Trailblazer line and more be sure to hit up Joint Delivery ASAP!


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