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Trufflez - Heady Club DC

Heady Club DC is a recreational cannabis delivery service that I was recently turned on to by my colleagues here at Toker's Guide. I've been more than impressed with them so far and I'm comfortable using the term "top class" to describe them already. They offer a wide selection of high quality indica, sativa, and hybrid strains as well as edibles, concentrates, and topicals. They literally have something awesome for everyone in every category and today, I have the privilege of reviewing their Trufflez flower for you.


Anyone who is familiar with the very expensive and rare fungus of the same name but with the more familiar spelling,Truffles, knows that these little earth-born gems are considered to be one of the most decadent and delicious foods to ever grace human lips. It is in that spirit that the hybrid strains of Zkittlez and Cherry Noir are brought together to make this potent and trichome laden variant which is sure to give even the most seasoned of stoners a run for their Indica-dominant money.


This knockout herb has the classic sedative effects that Indica strains typically bring to the table. Its onset is heavy, starting at your head and working its way down to your tingling toes. Its effects are almost immediate and this strain rings true the old adage, “The more you cough, the more you get off”. I bring that phrase into my review because I distinctly noticed that one particular toke off of my miniature baseball bat of a spliff led to an unavoidable choking-up and rare coughing fit. This was then followed by a level of highness that was not evident before and I have not achieved in some time now. After a brief moment of standing and stretching my legs following the hit, I immediately returned to my original chair now requiring some form of reclining position. I was stoned to the max and that was a fact.

Let’s talk Terpenes. One of the primary Terps noted to be found in the Trufflez strain is Caryophyllene, which is present in herbs and spices such as black pepper oregano, and basil. The spicy side of its aroma and taste can be directly attributed to this particular Terpene. Additionally, the fruity funky flavor stems from a Myrcene and Limonene combo, which are both known for those distinct characteristics and blend well for nose and palate.


This beautiful green and purple flower has hints of orange hairs and is totally covered in trich's. The ¼ oz sample I received had nice big buds with tight compact formation which had just the right amount of spongy softness I look for when determining freshness. It was clearly grown using quality ingredients, manicured to perfection, and all things considered, it's appropriately labelled as top shelf indica.

For chill indica vibes and the great nighttime toke that is this batch of Trufflez, just hit up Heady Club DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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