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White Gushers - Top Secret DC

Updated: May 1, 2021

Happy Friday tokers! I hope everyone is recovering from the major midweek holiday that was 4/20/21! We had a blast roaming around to all the different dispensaries and storefronts in town. Much more on this to come in our upcoming DC 420 Caravan article! In the meantime I wanted to quickly bring to your attention something that should not be overlooked. It's from our good friends and outstanding DC weed delivery service Top Secret DC, and it's called White Gushers.


As you might have expected from the name, this nearly balanced hybrid strain is typically "gushing" with fruity flavor, but not quite to this extent. From my experience, Gushers has often been smaller nugs smattered in purple hues with a great flavor and decent nose. It typically smokes well and comes with a very noticeable head and body buzz that is long lasting. This batch is head and shoulders above other recent ones I've seen in terms of it's super fruit forward stance, and noticeably more potent too.

Yes, there must have been some extensive pheno hunting involved as the juicy, fruity flavor is much more astounding and pronounced than usual. Additionally, the purple is much darker on the outside, then when you pop one of these, generally larger, buds open, it's aglow in starry and hyperwhite trichomes

....and FRRRRESSHHH too. Oh my! What pure delight to behold!


The freshness is palpable not only in the aroma and flavor, but in the effects as well. There's this lingering, eye squinting, cozy sweater-esque buzz surrounding all that you do after you partake. Even the fruity/skunky/juicy/sour flavor permeates every breath and paints any activity you undertake. Much like the famous candy adored by kids for its deluge of flavor, this strain creates an inescapable onslaught of sweet, fruity, skunky cheeba (Jack's got me calling it this now).


Like a kid in a candy store, but without having to leave your house (if you're in DC), check out Top Secret DC and set a delivery or pick-up for your own bag of this top shelf Gushers today!

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