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Xeno - Top Secret DC

How about some super frosty buds delivered on a super frosty day? This batch of Xeno from the now legendary i-71 delivery outfit, Top Secret DC, is the perfect potent indica-heavy treat for lounging snow days.

It's a cross of the sugary sweet Zkittlez and minty exotic, Kush Mintz. However, this is an extra extraordinary cut given the immaculate coloration and spectacular aroma/flavor. It's so deeply skunky and gassy that it comes across like a very rich shot of espresso. Yet, when you exhale there are creamy and sugary notes that become very evident. It's the kind of bud that makes you want to find excuses to pack it up just to experience the flavor again and again.

These are certainly some of the deepest and broadest arrays of purples I've seen recently, but let's stop for a second and talk about what I think is the most impressive aspect of this batch, the staggering size of the trichome heads.

Also called Gland cells (as opposed to the stalk of the trichome) these are the bulbous upper portion of an individual trichome. If you think of a trichome as appearing like a mushroom, the heads would be the "cap". On this Xeno, these heads are absolutely enormous and you can see for yourself in the up close photos below.

Having walked my dog in the snow very recently, I must say the oversized trichome heads closely resemble the balls of snow that accumulate on his undercarriage as he bounds to and fro. Except, in this case, the "snowballs" are delectably smokable!

While it does run very indica dominant in terms of effects, it is more of a mellow vibe versus sleepy or comatose. Lounging feels good, but you may find the energy to get creative in the kitchen. Of course, that could simply be the sheer power of the munchies accumulating after all these rips. 😂

Lastly, I'd like to note how supple the pieces of these buds are in breaking away when packing a bowl or prepping for a joint. They're not crunchy or overtly dry. Instead, as a testament to the quality of the cultivation and brief storage, they're still fresh and tender - a delight to work with from all approaches.

To experience this truly excellent designer level toke just hit up Top Secret DC today and setup your delivery or pick-up appointment. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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