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5+ vs. Biscotti Pippen - Promoco DC

Hello my lovely Tokers! Hope you are all enjoying your summer! Our team of Tokers has been hard at work hitting the streets just as hard as we hit our favorite pre-rolls to find what’s best and what’s boof! Follow our newsletter and articles so you can avoid the summer heat and humidity while we find the best flower for you!


Storefronts have been heating up and seeing more traffic, and while retail is fun sometimes it’s nice to just relax at home and have the fun brought to you! Our friends at Promoco DC have one of the best delivery/pick up services in the city right now! With consistently “high” praise (see what i did there?!?) from their clients, Promoco focuses on superior customer service and satisfaction! Tokers are constantly telling us how happy they have been with Promoco’s services. We’ve seen the flower from Promoco get better and better, and their latest samples are no exception!


Promoco gifted us some SUPER new and exclusive flower from SF Canna called 5 Plus. It just dropped this June so it’s very new on the scene. Boasting a THC content of 37.62% and 42.77% total Cannabinoids, 5 Plus is a heavy hitter! With a high that’s powerfully euphoric, 5 Plus is great for Tokers who need some much appreciated relief from stress or depression. Artistic creators reported feeling creatively stimulated by 5 Plus, and I think the rambling that I’m currently doing that you’re currently reading would attest to that?

Tokers I think I’ve done too much research on this one lol; I feel great! This flower is strong and tasty and my mind is exploding with energy but not in an anxious way! I think I’d recommend enjoying this later in your day just because it’s so strong and potent! I don’t feel overwhelmed but I’m not sure how the rest of my day is gonna play out now, lol. Adventures in toking!


5 Plus also possesses a fascinating terpene profile!

Limonene (0.87%) - fruity & citrusy, great for relieving anxiety & stress.

Linalool (0.64%) - a particularly floral terpene (think lavender), Linalool is known for its calming & relaxing effects.

beta-Myrcene (0.57%) - the most common terpene in modern commercial cannabis! Think hops, lemongrass, or mangoes. Known for its calming effects.

beta-Caryophyllene (0.49%) - a woodsy & herbal terpene with a flavor profile that will remind you of your favorite meals. Known for its anti-inflammatory benefits (for all our Tokers with seasonal allergies who are battling pollen!)

A-Terpineol (0.15%) - found in rosemary, lavender, juniper, eucalyptus, and of course cannabis! VERY impressive list of purported health benefits including anti inflammatory, anti anxiety, and neurogenerative effects!

The other flower our friends at Promoco gifted our team of Tokers is the famous designer strain Biscotti Pippen!


Boasting an impressive genetic lineage of Lemon Cherry Gelato (a personal favorite strain), crossed with Biscotti, Pippen is every bit as strong as the basketball legend of the same name! Originally bred by Backpack Boyz, grown by 5 Points LA, and distributed by Cookies Melrose, she possesses some impressive stats in her own right with 26.050% THC and 29.528% total Cannabinoids - arguably rivaling even the lofty stats of Pippen's professional career (but in the weed arena of course).

The milky smooth smoke from my spliff held a mysterious surprise for my pallet with a diverse flavor profile that included hints of chocolate, plum, and coffee with a subtle lemony sweetness on the backend. Great body buzz and a non-drowsy head high has me imagining toking adventures with Pippen wherein we drive around the city in a bus solving mysteries and helping Tokers across the land…am I that stoned? I am that stoned. Jeez this is no joke lol


Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for....which one is better? Well it's a very, very close call, but in this competition over my stoney praise I must give it to the 5 plus. Ultimately this came down to just a slightly preferable flavor and a higher intensity, more energetic high. As you can tell, though, we are highly impressed with both specimens!

Hit up our friends at Promoco DC and get your hands on these phenomenal designer strains while supplies last! Tell them Tokers Guide sent you! Let us know what you think in the comments section! Tag us! Say hi to your peoples! Pet dogs! Smell roses! Eat tacos! Are you still reading this? Am I that stoned?

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