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Double Stuffed - Promoco DC

There exists a long and diverse Girl Scout Cookie lineage, all stemming back from some of the original commercial genetics that took off early on in the cannabis legalization movement. These lines have twisted, turned, and weaved their way to today, where here we are sampling "Double Stuffed", a Platinum White (platinum girl scout cookie crossbreed) crossed with Cookies and Cream (girl scout cookies crossbreed) from our good friends over at Promoco DC. This piece of cannabis breeding work comes from Exotic Genetix and embodies some of the richest properties from both sides of its genetic lineage...with a slightly new twist that makes the Double Stuffed its own special thing.

First it is worth noting that these buds are huge! Maybe we just got lucky with our bag but each and every nug was an absolute fatty, dotted with bulbous and snowy trichomes and just begging to be ground up and consumed. But before we could get to the toke I needed to do my due diligence around the enticing aroma that fills the nostrils when you crack open the bag. The aroma is a complex and layered experience that I think helps this strain stand out from its ancestors as a new twist on the Girl Scout Cookie genetic line.

There is absolutely the quintessential cookie scent around this flower, earthy and spicy but with distinctly sweet and creamy notes. It reminds me of spiced chai cookie dough mixed with a light potpourri of sharp evergreens and a subtle but distinct vein of vanilla, all deeply permeating the nose. A dry inhale allows the spicy, earthy cookieness to shine through while simultaneously triggering my mouth to start watering and yearning for a toke. The aroma is creamy as well which lends to a blending effect around these scents that creates the sensation of cycling through new smells. Every smell is slightly different than the one before, but comfortably similar in such a way as to both confuse and please the mind.

The deep forest greens and royal purples that appear in the colas help to further entice my mind as the visual appeal from this strain is so alluring. I really encourage people not to judge their cannabis based solely on appearances, but we cannot deny that the more beautiful looking a flower is, the more we are innately attracted to it. The beauty of this strain is worth taking a moment to appreciate, just don’t forget that it is always meant to be consumed!

Speaking of consuming, this Double Stuffed's smoke was full bodied, creamy and lingered on the palate long after my exhale. I really appreciate a full bodied smoke in general because it indicates an above average cure and helps the flavor/aroma experience last for moments, sometimes minutes after each toke. This Double Stuffed provides exactly that experience and enabled ample savoring of each toke. The high itself is particularly excellent too, at least in my opinion, as it offers an array of easily noticeable effects.

The initial onset is a cerebral yet foggy/hazy high that sets the tone for a giggly time. As that time progresses, the high creeps into the rest of your body, slowing down your day and mellowing out for some primo relaxation time. For me, this is the quintessential “stoner” high that so many of us fell in love with in our earlier experiences. Something that produces the full gambit of heady, giggly, stoney, and relaxing effects is super desirable to me and I am so stoked that Promoco is offering up this excellent variety to the public.

A big shout out to Promoco DC for their strain selection! They have truly found an excellent cookie pheno to promote and I am privileged to be able to sample some of its heady and heavy goodness. Whether you’re looking for a high that is full of nostalgia and nuance or if you just appreciate fat and beautiful nugs, Double Stuffed is for you and Promoco DC is your guy!

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