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London Pound Cake - Promoco DC

Summer is here my lovely Tokers! Heat waves in the West! Cicadas in the East! What better

way to celebrate than to chill out and listen to the buzz around you with some London Pound Cake from our friends at Promoco DC!


Los Angeles based Cookies Fam has bred us a heavy hitting citrusy mystery in the London

Pound Cake! Cookies Fam Genetics has an impressive cultivation operation in Los Angeles that spans 25,000 square feet, and they’re not sharing their secrets! Regularly testing between 26-30% THC, London Pound Cake is a potent indica dominant cross between Sunset Sherbert and an unknown mystery strain! Sometimes I’m frustrated when insiders won’t share their secrets, though I understand their reasons. Tokers if you have any insider knowledge or guesses as to the London Pound Cake genetics please let us know in the comments section!


Don’t let this London Pound Cake catch you slipping fellow Tokers; it’s strong! Seasoned Tokers can expect blissed out head and body highs as well as a palette rich with diverse flavorful citrus notes. With a terpene profile dominated by Limonene, London Pound Cake smells and tastes great. Hints of berry, lemon, and pine are followed by cerebral effects and a relaxing body high.


Tokers have enjoyed the multiple therapeutic benefits of this potent hybrid, treating everything from PTSD and depression, to chronic pain and inflammation, to migraine symptoms and menstrual cramps. Despite its potency and strength, London Pound Cake is known as a strain that does not induce paranoia.


I enjoyed my London Pound Cake in the later hours of the evening; my days are typically too

busy to indulge in indicas. I must say I absolutely feel like it helped me get comfortable as I’m recovering from a recent injury to my neck and back. I feel like the London Pound Cake helped to ease some of the tension and inflammation that resulted from a soft tissue injury. Nice, relaxing, and paranoia free evenings thanks to our friends at Promoco DC!

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