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Carts & Darts - Promoco DC

Spring is here, my lovely Tokers! The weather is wonderful, recreational cannabis legalization is just around the corner, and the majority of American adults should be vaccinated by July! Our world is about to reopen in a VERY big way! What better way to celebrate than with a wee bit of indulgence in our favorite plant! Who could possibly assist us in our celebratory cannabinol indulgences?!? My colleagues and I at Toker's Guide are excited to introduce our community to our good friends at Promoco DC!

A labor of love from DC locals, Promoco DC is a relatively new i71-compliant delivery service based in our nation’s capital. Make no mistake, fellow Tokers: just cuz Promoco is new to the scene is no reason to underestimate their services. Over the next week, we’ll be taking a look at several of Promoco’s products and offerings. I was fortunate enough to tour Promoco’s facilities and witness their operations first hand, and to say that I was impressed would be an understatement. Firstly, their facilities are SPOTLESS!!

Their spot was so clean and tidy that I straight up felt self conscious about my own cleanliness. Having a background in service and hospitality myself, I learned long ago that if a business isn’t clean and hygienic, it’s usually a bad sign. I watched the Promoco team work diligently with laser sativa focus as they crafted their specialty items in small batches BY HAND!!! Small boutique operations with focus and attention to detail typically produce the kind of quality products that consistently maintain the high standards that I seek out in my cannabis products.

To begin our journey with Promoco, let’s check out their high-quality lab-tested distillate! We’ve discussed distillate before, but if you’re wondering what exactly distillate is? Let’s talk about it! With a potency of nearly 99%, cannabis distillate is not to be trifled with. For new and inexperienced Tokers who don’t know, Cannabis concentrates isolate and separate cannabinoids like THC and CBD to create a pure and refined final product that goes above and beyond the potency of your typical flower. Distillates are typically created through an extraction process that separates and refines molecules and contaminants to create a clean, almost clear concentrate. Other extraction methods don’t produce nearly the same purity level or variety of uses as this technique, making it highly regarded as a concentrate. Distillate can be vaporized, OR used to make edibles that enable

inter-dimensional traveling.

A variety of extraction methods have been developed, the most common of which use the

solvents butane, propane, CO2 and alcohol. So what is a “solvent”? Solvents are essentially

any liquid that dissolves a product into a solution. Hash oils are produced with various extraction methods that use these specific elements to extract the raw oil from the plant. There are now various concentrate consistencies such as shatter, budder, sap and sugar!

Cannabis distillates are created using a short path distillation technique that differs from typical solvent extraction. This process creates pure cannabinoids without chlorophyll, plant matter or residual solvents. Distillate is arguably a healthier way to vaporize cannabis due to its purity and lacking plant matter.

Promoco’s robust roster is sporting super pure, solventless, pesticide free, lab-tested distillate! I’m always concerned about the cleanliness and safety of my cannabis products, and the peace of mind provided by seeing these lab results is priceless. Promoco’s superior distillate is lab-certified free from pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents, heavy metals, microbial impurities, foreign materials, water activity, and vitamin E acetate!

Promoco’s distillate is category 3, meaning it’s been tested and passed regarding its

potency and the absence of fungus and pesticides. They conveniently packed their

distillate into carts for vaporizing and into syringes popularly known as “darts”! Their vaporizer cartridges are certified C-Cell, ceramic coil, and lead-free copper. When your cartridge is empty tokers can simply use their darts to refill them! The darts/syringes can also be used to infuse your favorite edibles, take dabs, or coat your blunts and get next-level elevated!!

Since the distillation process removes strain specific terpene profiles, Promoco has reintroduced them to provide all the benefits without the harm of vaporizing any plant matter. They source only the best botanically derived terpenes from companies like Fogg Flavor Labs and True Terpenes. Fogg Flavor Labs in particular uses steam-distilled, all-natural, organic, non-GMO terpenes - YUM!

In addition to all this great work Promoco is doing, it’s possibly the commitment to community and charity that I find the most endearing. I like to patronize businesses that create a positive impact in the community, and Promoco has partnered with Errybodyeats to do just that. A DC local non-profit, Errybodyeats helps empower food-insecure communities to live sustainably by supplying health-conscious meals, personal protective equipment, and educational opportunities. Tokers guide is excited to welcome Promoco DC to our growing community! Keep a lookout for more reviews from their impressive menu and give them a shout to pick up your own carts and darts today!

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