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Alien Labs: Blue Dream x Xeno #13 - Joint Delivery


From our good friends over at Joint Delivery, this Blue Dream, Xeno crossbreed bred by Alien Labs isn't just top-shelf, it belongs on the shelf of a shop from another galaxy entirely. In reality, it's a part of their (Alien Labs') "Top-Secret Micro-Batch" line - likely consisting of their most successful R&D project specimens - and they're keeping any other information on it locked up tighter than an X-file.


Many of you are likely familiar with the, previously, very common Blue Dream. There are those out there who love the funky flavorful sativa that it is, and certainly those who put it down as being a somewhat treacherous strain often offered by nefarious characters - real or not. Well, some of the finest small batch harvests I've seen recently have been Blue Dream crossbreeds (case in point our recent review of Blue Dream x Sherbert), but this particular cut absolutely takes the crown.


While we're not completely sure where the "#13" stems from, Xeno is a combo of perennial favorites Kush Mints and Zkittlez. From this side of the lineage we clearly have the gassy notes and a different part of the fruity terpene spectrum coming into play. Often known for its highly spacey effects, Xeno is the indica influence in this, dare I say, alien experiment. The backroom scientists over at Alien Labs must have stayed up late getting this one right!


On the topic of alien experiments, you might characterize the overall effects of this batch as something of an alien abduction. It actually brings the spacey indica effects to bear first and the blue dream's sativa influence seems to serve to keep the intoxication going, perhaps adding an additional "dreamy" aspect. Your mind will race in a pleasant way and, while you won't be jittery at all, you may have trouble sleeping if you toke it too late. In contrast to what you might consider an energetic sativa with focus factor for getting things done, this is a mind melding hybrid with stoney staying power that some might find a bit bewildering.


One of the most remarkable aspects of this bud in my opinion is its coloration. The nearly pink tips of the colas fade to a lavender and then deep purple before turning into some of the palest green bud I've seen in a long time. In some areas it even appears that the trichomes have adopted the pink hues themselves - quite remarkable and exotic to say the least!

To get some of this rare, phenomenal, and exciting micro-batch flower for yourself, you don't have to travel to UFO hotspots or start wearing aluminum foil hats. Just hit up legendary DC i-71 purveyor Joint Delivery ASAP. Note: This WILL sell out fast!

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