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Black Cherry Punch - LOCAL'd

There's been a really strong cherry-flavored theme here in the DC cannabis scene recently. We were literally handed three other cherry-oriented varietals after our last review, the Phantom Cherry Pie. All have varying levels of cherry notes in their aroma, but each one is so different. Take this Black Cherry Punch from local harvest, local-brands-only i-71 delivery service LOCAL'd, for example.


An indica-dominant hybrid crossbreed of the relatively new, but already legendary, Purple Punch and flavor powerhouse Black Cherry Pie, this has incredibly relaxing effects. Upon pulling a bong rip I could feel the clouds of stress clearing from my headspace and several moments after exhale a rush of euphoric energy poured over my back - something which continued in waves for the duration of the high.


Because it's local grown and spends no time in a vacuum sealed bag in transit, this batch is fresh and it makes a big difference in the intensity of the aroma as well as effects. When you give a squeeze or break her up, the effervescent sour cherry-like fruit smell is fully released and can inundate the nostrils in a highly enjoyable way. That bouquet soon shifts, however, as you continue to inhale, resulting in sweeter more sugary notes.


Overall, we're really into this batch for our evening sessions and among the other aforementioned cherry strains, this one's aroma stood out as the most close to a specific cherry smell - black cherry.

To get your hands on some of the delectably potent and highly relaxing Black Cherry Punch just hit up LOCAL'd today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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