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Bleu Cheese - Fast Slice DC

So summer is pretty much over my lovely Toker friends!! Have you done your holiday shopping yet?!? 😂 🤦‍♂️ As we prepare ourselves to transition from complaining about the heat and humidity to complaining about the cold instead, perhaps it's also time to consider filling your stash jar with something a bit better suited for the fall flavor palate. Yes, as we fully emerge into the days of pumpkin spice everything I like to look for more savory, earthy and peppery notes in my cannabis bouquet.


Consider this Bleu Cheese from one of our favorite DC i71 establishments, Fast Slice. Every time we grab a slice of "Za" to review from them it's on point, and this Cheese specimen furthers that tradition. Plus, it's got the perfectly pungent funky, fruity, and earthy flavor I'll be enjoying, p.s.l. in hand staring out the window as the leaves change colors.


The original Cheese strain was bred in the United Kingdom (am i still allowed to say United Kingdom? Or am I supposed to say Britain now? Please don’t cancel me!). The original Cheese strain from our cousins across the pond was then crossed with a Blueberry strain. So Cheese plus Blueberry equals Blue Cheese. See what they did there?


Blue Cheese is an Indica dominant hybrid (typically 80% Indica/20% Sativa). Averaging 20% THC, it has a tendency to make...relaxation a breeze if you please chickadees?!? Sorry I might be a little out of it. Ideal for nighttime use or for Tokers who just need to relax, Blue Cheese blesses us with its gifts of euphoric relaxation and mellow body-high vibes. It's super chill, but not so overwhelming that you’re couch-locked or caught staring at your friends and family deep in thought like a weirdo! JK that never happens, right?

So if you want to toke like me this weekend, go grab yourself some funky Blue Cheese from our lovely friends at Fast Slice DC and prepare for some serious R&R. I'll be snuggling up with my dog on the couch with this one in my bubbler for sure!

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