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Slurricane - Fast Slice DC

To me the name Slurricane gives off a vibe like it's the largest or fastest roller coaster in a super aggressive amusement park. Similarly, these super aggressive looking Slurricane buds give you a roller-coaster type high - first heading toward the moon with a rush of excitement, then thrust spellbound into complete euphoric relaxation. So, ok...with that in mind why don't we see how far we can carry the roller coaster metaphor forward in this review?

Step right up, grab a seat, keep your arms and legs inside the car and come along on the joyride that is: The official review of Slurricane from Fast Slice DC.

The first few puffs of this glorious cultivar leave you in a state of cerebral euphoria. I noticed it has some creeping effect too; the longer I was up and moving, the slower I seemed to become. This bud, errr...ride, should come with the warning “users may feel serious elation followed by insurmountable sedation.” It's an Indica lover’s dream for sure!

On appearances, this "coaster" is an intimidating one - certainly as formidable looking as she is in effects. The hearty buds remind me of ever-green-like trees that have been steadily blasted with snow all winter long - must be a winter-themed ride, lol. There are also beautiful tints of frosted purples and orange pistils strewn throughout.

When you Inhale her the tropical-berry-like notes are the ones greeting you right before you begin your climb to the apex. Then a hint of spice on the tail end (or aftertaste) lets you know just how exotically potent she is. With your mouth awash in these complex flavors the smoke surges out, forcing a giddy cough and perhaps even an exclamation of "Oh shit!" You might even want to through your hands in the air and yell "Weeeeeee".

I decidedly recommend this "attraction" for experienced tokers who are familiar with heavy-hitting indicas. In testing, the strain has generated results as high as 28% THC and with mega strong parents like Purple Punch and Do-Si-Dos it's not hard to see why this packs the punch that it does.

To get your ticket to the awesome amusement park ride that is this batch of Slurricane, hit up Fast Slice DC today!

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