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Jolly Rancher - Fast Slice DC

Hi Tokerverse! May is back with some news about the hottest new slice from DC's favorite digital pizza art service, Fast Slice DC. They also happen to be one of my personal favorite services and this week they brought me one of their most supreme strains, Jolly Rancher. If you haven't seen their latest, most up-to-date menu, click this link here. It reads like a fabulous pizza menu, and I definitely appreciate the ode to what has often been this stoner's meal of choice.


If I could express my feelings about this week so far in terms of pizza, I'd say it's been a "personal pan style" kind of week. As in, I was feeling panned and I *personally* needed a serious mid-week pick-me-up. Pizza is always a step in the right direction for that, but this bud is really what gave me the friendly helping hug that I so needed. This personal slice, was my...personal pan?


I first came across Jolly Rancher in Oregon and around the Pacific Northwest. I've noticed many sour-sweet candy-based strains making their way to east coast dispensary shelves lately, and I was psyched to see the familiar "JR" as we affectionately called it. Her lineage is unknown (how annoying), and the mystery is intriguing to both the proprietors of this batch and the Toker's Guide team. That said, she was one to remember - especially because of her unique effects.


At this point in our collective cannabis journey as a country, I think we have all heard of the entourage effect, or we have seen the "wheel of fortune" style graph that explains which terpenes tend to manifest into what desired results. This strain behaves as I had hoped and expected - it seemed nearly identical to west coast batches of the recent past. I experienced Sativa-based bubbly-ness and found myself having a delightful afternoon, jamming along to 2000's indie-rock/pop. I finally had the kickstart I needed, all thanks to that Fast Slice.


If you're in need of a little personal pan pizza party style pick-me-up I highly recommend grabbing a slice of this Jolly Rancher from Fast Slice DC for yourself ASAP. Tell them Toker's Guide sent you for 10% off!

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