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Ice Cream Cake x Kush Mints - Fast Slice DC

Humans have been hybridizing and selecting crops for millennia. Plants are bred for their specific genetic characteristics to create the next elite crop, and cannabis is no different. Similar to tulips or wine grapes, there are thousands of varieties. From this successful madness emerges a strain like Ice Cream Cake x Kush Mints. The sweet blend of cream and mint is sure to alert the sweet tooth in all of us. For the moment, you can find this rare and elusive strain at Fast Slice DC.


It's the Indica-Hybrid of our sweet desires. Even more brilliant is the champion lineage of this complex ice-cream concoction. Kush Mintz branches from the selection of Bubba Kush x Animal mints. Ice Cream Cake similarly from Wedding Cake x Gelato #33. Strains like this are the culmination of generations of selective breeding. Having high profile genealogy like this is bound to produce high THC content best reserved for the experienced tokers.


Many cake crosses have flooded the market, and you may be asking why this cake? Why now? Why Kush Mints? I'll answer all of those questions with one succinct answer; it's a winner. This cultivar masterfully combines some of the best genetics currently floating through the market. The experience is just as charming. The abundantly sweet aroma transfers excellently from smell to toke. Fresh out of the bag is essentially fresh out of a confectioner's oven.

Baked-in violet hues covered in sugary distended trichomes, this pure eye candy urges you to rip into the bud like a fresh croissant. Doing so will reveal the bright green interior anatomy frosted to the core. The full and pronounced flavor from start to burn is indicative of a lovely crafted cure.

I was cognizant of the 15-ish minute delay of the anticipated indica effects in the physical sense. While being an indica dominant hybrid, this didn't immediately gravitate me into the nearest comfy object. I enjoyed spells of cerebral delight and found that I could stay focused and motivated with an ultra-relaxed disposition. I am quite sure this strain allows you to see into the future - I had the foresight to gather snacks, entertainment, and settle comfortably into this stellar high, lol.

To have a slice of this sweetness sent to you give Fast Slice DC a shout ASAP! And let them know that Toker's Guide sent you!

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