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Blue Haze & Gorilla Glue Whole Flower Carts - District Derp

As a big fan of recreational delivery service District Derp's Whole Flower cartridges I was psyched to hear that they got some new flavors in and even more psyched that one of them was Gorilla Glue. There's just something awesome about that particular strain in a concentrate or cart form that I really enjoy. I think it might be the slightly skunky flavor followed by an immense body buzz, but one absent of any drowsiness. As it says on the label, this hybrid is definitely a "delight".


Regarding the Blue Haze cart, I felt a perk of energy with the first puff which made me think that, despite the indica label, I would be feeling some sativa energy. The Blue Haze flower itself actually runs slightly sativa dominant and I'm typically a huge proponent of Haze varietals. In this case, however, the initial pick-me-up faded fast and I began melting into a more sedated state of euphoric tranquility. Again, referring to the label, this one was spot on with its "unwind" description. I ended up unwinding all the way until the next morning when I awoke from a great night's sleep. I will say I had some, shall we say, hazy dreams though (not making sense and nebulous).


With super high THC levels and reintroduced plant specific terpenes its not hard to see why these are some of the most popular carts in the District right now. They hit smooth and clean and without any sort of overtly sweet artificial flavor - this is a huge turn off for me in a cart. Conversely, their flavor is much more in-line with what you would find when vaping the specific strain as plant matter in a flower vape. Suffice it to say, these are some delectable carts.


To get your hands on some of these Whole Flower carts from District Derp just hit them up and schedule your gift delivery ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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