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Cake Pop - District Derp

I'm a sucker for a great cake pop. As of today that not only applies to the infused balls of cake dipped into chocolate, vanilla, etc. It also applies to this highly potent slice of the Cake Pop cultivar from one of our favorite DC recreational delivery and pick-up services, District Derp. Fresh and phenomenally trichome covered with a sugary cake-like flavor, the only thing these Cake Pops don't have is the cardboard stick.

A crossbreed of the delicious Birthday Cake and always heavy hitting Fire OG, Cake Pop is a predominantly indica hybrid running around 80/20. This indica presence is ever noticeable in terms of the almost narcotic-like effects. It's stupor, complete with squinting eyes and a mouth full of cotton, is a highly enjoyable one reminiscent of my early days of toking. Just make sure you have a fully stocked pantry full of munchies.

Of course, the potency is also a testament to the considerable amount of effort and expertise put into the cultivation of this batch. It's aroma is like that of a sugary pastry, but any bakery trying to reproduce such a delectable smell and flavor would have to have skunks in the kitchen - this one is definitely full of pungent skunkyness. When you break it up it's crisp, but dense and still retaining stickiness on the inside. In the bong or bowl it burns with a hyper-white ash. Both of these observations are indicative of an ideal flush and cure as well as proper storage in the meantime.

From potency to the complexity of it's exotic aroma and flavor, I can confidently say that this is some exquisite designer-level bud. The quality brings words like "boutique" and "small batch" to mind, which are terms I mostly reserve for west coast products. For all you connoisseurs out there, this one is definitely worth checking out. Give District Derp a shout ASAP and grab some for yourself! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you and check out our deals page for a 10% off promo code!

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