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Do-Si-Dos - DC Dash

Do you see all those hyper-white and starry trichomes running throughout all the buds in the pictures below? These help indicate not only the freshness of this batch of Do-Si-Dos from DC recreational ( i-71) delivery pro's DC Dash, but also the potency it possesses. To the Toker team, and the eye of any cannabis connoisseur, it's clear this is some fire, even at first glance.


The aroma, which may catch your fancy far before you lay eyes on her, is one of sweet, but skunky pine forest. It's almost like an OG in nose and flavor, but there's something extra bready or cakey about it that gets stronger in the after taste. I guess some would say that's the peanut butter aspect hitting the palate, but I get more coffee cake than peanut. Either way, roll this one up to get the fully inundating effect of its flavor in combination with its super stoney, totally relaxing high.


An indica dominant hybrid cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG that runs something like 70/30 on the indica/sativa scale, to say this one has euphorically sedative qualities would be an understatement. Perfect for evening consumption, this is your heavy-hitter that will make all the pains and stresses of your day vanish in a heartbeat. Which is about how long the cookies by the same name last in my household when they come around. 🤤


So schedule your delivery appointment with DC Dash today and grab some of this phenomenal Do-Si-Dos flower for your own stash. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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