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Durban Poison - Exotic Blooms

Happy Hump Day! Need a little pep in your step to help get you through the week? This FIRE Durban Poison from our friends Exotic Blooms is absolutely exceptional and has enough sativa status energy to get you to Saturday...and beyond!

If you're not familiar with Durban Poison, and you're a sativa lover, you HAVE to try this. If you ARE familiar with the "Durb", you still HAVE to try this batch. It's hands down the best Durban I've ever had - and I've had it A LOT.

Its piney forward haziness is obvious from first whiff, but soon gives way to citrus with hints of lemon and grapefruit, but also...pear? Uggghhhh, the smell alone is seriously to die for and it completely translates to the flavor as well. In a vape, good luck setting it down. I also highly recommend a fat cone of this baby right before some pool or beach time - it just goes so perfectly with the sunshine, adding to the comforting warm glow on your shoulders.

In terms of genetic background and lineage, this strain comes from an original landrace sativa variety out of South Africa. The story goes, that famed cannabis evangelist and explorer, Ed Rosenthal, successfully brought it to North America in the 1970's where it was instantly well received. Since then it has been the parent (and great grand parent) of numerous sativa and haze-oriented offspring.

From a texture standpoint, it's so notably soft and subtle to the touch, yet supremely sticky. Like everything from Exotic Blooms it was groomed to perfection from start to finish. Yet, for me, this one shines a bit above the rest simply because of the sheer size and prevalence of

its trichomes. I know I'm always harping on trichomes this, trichomes that, but seriously, this time it's completely absurd!

So whether it's the emphatically energetic tree you need to help get you through your week, or it's the centerpiece of your stash for this upcoming weekend, I urge you to consider this Durban Poison as your selection for daytime use. I've got mine ready to burn and you can too - just hit up Exotic Blooms today!

And don't forget to mention promo code "Toker's Guide Sent Me" to get $10 off your order!


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