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EyeSmoke Organic Pre-roll Pack w/ Glass Tip - No Kids Allowed

From the moment DC I-71 storefront No Kids Allowed handed them to us, it was clear the creator of these seven artfully rolled organic pre-rolls, "EyeSmoke", takes their toking connoisseurdom to the next level. The box is a work of art in and of itself, it comes with matches, and there's even a strike pad along the bottom. Pro tip!: matches can make the flavor of joints, bowls, and bongs a bit more pure and pronounced.


The packs comes shrink-wrapped and you can tell the freshness has been retained. Even the paper is still soft and subtle. Yet, probably the most user-friendly inclusion in this pack is the glass tip. It's ergonomic in design and seals perfectly against the filter of each pre-roll making for a cleaner, more elegant toke. Clean it up, and it becomes re-usable on all future joints far after this pack is gone.


In fact, I'd say the intention here - especially given the nicely closing magnetic clasp on the box - is for the whole unit to be re-usable as your go-to joint tote. Either way, that's what I'll be doing with it once these are all torched. Overall, beautiful packaging, a great design, and excellence with each puff.


To get your pack of EyeSmoke Organic pre-rolls head on over to the Eastern Market area and visit DC i-71 storefront No Kids Allowed today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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