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Galactic Jack - No Kids Allowed

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, this Jack is some of that stuff from the top of a lit candlestick - fire! 🔥 If you've been reading Toker's Guide long you know I'm a huge fan of the hazy sativas, and especially a fan of any Jack Herer, whether solo or crossbred. For me there's just something about the terpene profile that soothes all of my digestive discomfort (which I battle daily). This Galactic Jack from super DC i-71 storefront No Kids Allowed is a cross of Jack Herer and another farm favorite, 50/50 hybrid Space Queen.

Another great benefit from this batch, for me, is the mental clarity it possesses. While I'm certainly in my head and teeming with energy, I'm not rifling through thoughts and losing my train of thought with every passing gust of wind. No, I'm locked in and ready to - in this case at least - write. Which also brings me to the creativity inducing capabilities within most Jack batches. It is definitely present in this batch, and I can feel the juices flowing through me.

...and that juice is probably something of a piney lemonade - that's what I can still sense all around me and in my nostrils after the last tube I pulled anyways. I's incredibly citrusy aroma and flavor intertwine with anise notes and even what seems like a hint of key lime. It's just so scrumptious!

So to jump over your own candlestick and off into the Galaxy of your mind this weekend, grab some of this stupendous Galactic Jack from storefront No Kids Allowed. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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