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GMO - No Kids Allowed

If you were up late watching the Olympics last night, or perhaps partying a little too hard, there's a tried and true way to get yourself some much needed rest and relaxation this dreary Saturday. After all, you want to be ready to go again on Sunday right? Perhaps even tonight if you can muster the energy? That one sure way to vegetate and recharge, in my opinion, is to toke upon a strong indica-heavy hybrid and let it whisk you away to some far off enchanted land, whilst resting comfortably on your couch. This batch of GMO (available now) from DC I-71 storefront No Kids Allowed can do just the trick.


It's fresh, it's highly stinky - my friend called it "that stinky stanky" on first whiff - and given that its other alias is "Garlic Cookies" you will get inundated with a skunky garlic-esque aroma. It will literally cover every square inch of whatever area you toke in with its overtly odiferous nature. But, if you like the smell and flavor of a really savory, smooth toking indica, you're in for a treat. One that is well worth the complaints from your wife like "that stuff just smells too strong". Real tokers know that's actually a good sign, but this is your heads up!


So now that you know you can make a hippy air freshener out of this stuff lets get down to brass tacks. If you're not familiar with GMO, aka GMO Cookies, aka Garlic Cookies, aka That Gargar, it's (again) a heavy indica (90/10) with all the pleasantries of it's GSC and Chemdawg heredity and none of the pesky sativa influence to make you feel obligated to do anything. It's mega euphoric, will make your eyelids droop significantly, and novice tokers can expect some disorienting mental effects. However, if your goal is R & R I have to say, a little mental fluidity can be a benefit to whatever you're streaming or reading, you'll just have to keep your eyelids open for those things.


Overall, we love the smell, flavor, and vegetative state inducing potency of this GMO, especially for recovery mode. So if this sounds like what you need - to fill your pipes and enter Narnia for a while - head on over the Easter Market area of DC and check out storefront No Kids Allowed. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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