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Kite King Louie XIII Live Resin Sauce Disposable - Buddha Buddy DC

Look it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...Kite! While that statement seems anticlimactic the important thing to consider is that Superman is fictitious and these Kite live resin sauce disposable pens are very real. If you haven't had the luxury of partaking in one of these lovely contraptions and you're looking to get more than your existing carts seem to offer, take a look - I'm thoroughly enjoying mine. Big thanks to Buddha Buddy DC for bringing it to my attention.


This one's flavor is King Louie XIII and, having had a great deal of experience with this indica-heavy kush varietal, I must say it matches up really well. You can certainly toke and exhale with smooth, even, pulls of sweet Kushy-ness without the stinging harshness that some distillate pens can inflict.

In terms of effects, expect your eyes to droop and an onset of heavy body buzz, particularly in your back. It's just amazing to me how indicas can make you feel so light on your feet, yet so utterly relaxed simultaneously. This is that experience, as little or as much as you want, joyfully. The reason being that actual live resin sauce totes a palpable entourage effect given the plethora of terpenes trapped in the making of it. As a refresher, live resin is made from fresh frozen cannabis harvests and makes for a more robust and all-encompassing experience. I certainly seek it out whenever I sense it's available and lately both its popularity and price have been going up hand in hand - further testament to how good it is.

Anyhow, if you do the amount of moving about, running around and mixing it up all day that I do, it's very helpful to have a little side kick like the Kite for when you kick your feed up at the end of the day. Hit up Buddha Buddy DC today and you can be flying a Kite, just like me, in no time!

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