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London Poundcake - Exotic Blooms

Top of the morning to all you tokers out there! As you prep for a lovely weekend here in the DC area I wanted to share a delicious and especially cozy treat with you that I'm sure you'd love to partake in. It goes by the name of London Poundcake and, while we've reviewed the strain before, this batch is of true Cookies genetics and comes to us from the renowned Exotic Blooms.

The quality here, as always from Exotic Blooms, is immediately evident by the stunning amount of starry trichomes blanketing these buds. You'll also quickly notice that the smell is shockingly like that of a rich, sugary cake. If you're not familiar with the Cookies brand, they are the cultivators of the famous Girl Scout Cookies which have been crossed to create many scrumptious other desert-oriented cultivars like Gelato and Sunset Sherbet. In the case of the London Poundcake, Sunset Sherbet has been crossed with an undisclosed indica and the result is quite astounding.

In terms of effects, this is certainly not going to give you energy. It IS going to give you an amazingly euphoric body buzz that feels like a warm sweater. With a 70/30 indica skew the ideal activities for this strain are along the lines of sunbathing, floating in a pool, laying on couches, watching movies, and trying not to eat everything in your freezer. Which, happen to be my exact plans for this coming Saturday.

One other thing to discuss while on the topic of Exotic Blooms is the beautiful design and spectacularly airtight nature of their bags. Literally everything from these guys has an aroma you should be able to smell from the other side of the Potomac (cue Virginia cops running around chasing the air in vain), but it's these beautiful bags that keep it from happening.

If you're into legit cookies' strains or if you're just planning on having a super chill, feel good weekend you can't go wrong with this simply perfect batch of London Poundcake. Give our good friends at Exotic Blooms a shout ASAP to get yours!


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