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Meduzaa - House of Herbs

House of Herbs has some killer gifts this month and we were lucky enough to scoop up some of the mythological Medusa strain to review. This illustrious genetic, bred by Nirvana Seeds, is a back cross of the Misty genetic meaning that a hybrid offspring of the Misty genetic was then bred with one of its parents to produce a more stable genetic with a higher concentration of desirable qualities that only the minds at Nirvana Seeds truly know the depth of. Regardless, the resulting progeny dubbed Medusa has a depth of character respective to such a sophisticated breeding strategy. Medusa takes the consumer on a rollercoaster of effects that span the breadth of the available headspace, alluding to complex and layered terpene profiles of hitherto unexplored depths.

Now when we think of a traditional hybrid effect, we think primarily of a blending effect between the quote “indica” and “sativa” sides of the spectrum. This typically sounds like “i'm not too up, not too down, just kind of mellow in the middle” which, admittedly, can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But in general, this is how we have come to understand our cannabis and with that backdrop of generality I say that the Medusa genetic produces a non-traditional hybrid effect. Instead, it produces a layered and chronological cycle of effects that operate on both sides of the spectrum, just without that traditional blending.

Rather than meld together the uplifting and sedative sides of the spectrum, the Medusa allows the consumer to experience alternating uplifting and sedative effects - a sort of exhilarating tour du terpene ride. The aroma is dominated by the fruity and earthy overtones, perhaps more-so earthy notes. But, the profile is not so dissimilar to others that it would suggest the uniqueness of its high. Don’t get me wrong, it smelled great and berry, earthy strains are absolutely fire; what I mean is that there is nothing that stood out within its scent profile that would indicate it could do something more than average. But go above and beyond it did!

The initial come up is a euphoric launch into the ethereal and giggly stratosphere, where you are free to frolic and be joyous in the most lighthearted fashion. But as you burn down the joint you slowly descend from the clouds and into the viscous and dense world world that cocoons all your pains away and coddles you into the most blissful couch lock imaginable.

It’s like Medusa takes us through the full spectrum of effects in the course of one session, touching on the finer points of both the uplifted and sedate sides that cannabis offers us. This delicate interplay of terpenes and cannabinoids is always a fascinating thing to study and I think I will have to spend a lot more time getting to know the Medusa genetic. I definitely want to shout out House of Herbs for finding us such a complex and nuanced experience. I hope everyone gets a chance to see how they react to this profile!

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