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Pearl Jam - Exotic Blooms

Great bands are awesome. Great buds are awesome. So, how about buds named after great bands? While I'm sure some of you out there could spend days arguing about whether Pearl Jam was a great band or not, I'm equally as sure that none of you would argue about how great this bud is. It's called Pearl Jam and it comes from a DC I-71 scene service that focuses predominantly on the super rare, super exotic specimens of luxury cannabis, Exotic Blooms.

At first glance, this batch is pretty eye-popping. When Exotic Blooms says "exotic" they mean it and this much is clear from the crazy coloration and ridiculous amount of starry trichome coverage present. You don't see this in every day bud people. Someone spent a tremendous amount of time not only zeroing in on the right genetics to make this bad girl happen, but they also took painstaking care throughout her cultivation to get her to such a rarely achieved level of greatness.

Her aroma is a highly complex and hard to place tart-laced fruitiness. Perhaps something like a sugared ruby red grapefruit. In the pipe or joint this flavor turns more citrusy and notes of lemon and lime come forward along with a hint of sweet cake or graham cracker. You'll be scratching your head the whole way through the flavor profile trying to figure out where you've experienced each nudge of flavor before.

Regarding effects, you might assume that something of this caliber would have the effects of some flat out fire when smoked. Well, you would be absolutely correct. This is intensely powerful. It leans sativa and, upon exhale, you can feel the head rush burst forth as energy careens to fill your body. Almost disorienting at first, you may soon find yourself wanting to

rock out, maybe put on some tunes and start shaking a leg. It's such an energetic and positive, buzzy type of high, absolutely perfect for daytime use - and not angsty either. Hell, maybe this is the perfect VIP-level concert going weed ideal for a, well, Pearl Jam concert? I have to say I'm beginning to see the reason for the name.

But, what of her lineage? What genetics make up the heredity of such an astounding designer crop? Unfortunately, as is the case with many of the most ridiculously impressive breeds, the details of her family history are undisclosed and probably remain a closely held secret by the originator. Don't be too bummed though! We can always use what research and breadcrumbs are out there to help make an educated guess about how Pearl Jam came to be.

First of all, upon a brief search of "pearl jam strain" you will find that a strain called Jamaican Pearl populates frequently in the search results. This strain was specifically bred for large crop yields from outdoor cultivation. However, in Jamaican Pearl's background you have an amazing sativa called Early Pearl. Having grown a fair amount of Early Pearl I recall that it's known for it's intensely starry trichomes - much like our Pearl Jam batch. Of course, Early Pearl is also a third of the genetics making up Silver Pearl - another rather rare and exotic strain of immense strength.

On the "Jam" side of the house, there is a fairly famous "jam" strain called Nepalese Jam. It's well-known for it's strong citrusy-lemon cent. However, this strain is more of a classic and somewhat lower on the THC range - not the case with the batch in question.

There is another "jam" strain that comes to mind which can end up quite citrusy depending on the Tangie parent. That strain is Space Jam - a hybrid of Alient OG and Tangie which often leans quite sativa. Recalling my last encounter with Space Jam, as well as noting pictures online, I would say that the structure, coloration, and even aroma are all in line with the Pearl Jam.

So, If I HAD to guess, and please realize that this is a real long shot, I would say that this Pearl Jam is Silver Pearl crossed with Space Jam. Yet, we may never truly know.

If you'd like to roll the dice and try to figure out if you can place the complex aroma, flavor, and even lineage of this incredible strain, schedule a delivery with Exotic Blooms ASAP!


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