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Phantom Cookies x Runtz - Top Secret DC

I didn't get a chance to go by Top Secret DC last weekend, but I wish I had. Then I would've had some of these amazing Phantom Cookies crossed with Runtz that people were raving about. This and a slew of other awesome new strains were just added a few days ago and it's about as impressive as it's been over there right now...


Phantom Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid cross of GDP (Grandaddy Purps) and Cherry Pie that typically has quite the citrusy aroma, with a backdrop of grape laden doughiness. Imagine GSC but with a tinge of tangie-esque citrus. Then take that and add the mega terp heavy Runtz, itself a cross of Zkittles and Gelato, and the resulting entity is nothing short of spectacularly exotic and delicious in flavor. It really seems as if ALL the flavor traits of the aforementioned strains are being expressed at once in one profile.


The high is a buzzy, stoney one, but with energy. Instead of being zoned out and catatonic, you're up and moving about wanting to enjoy new experiences, but maybe without the mental clarity of a haze or diesel. I really enjoyed this in a social setting later in the day as I was able to be carefree, but also alert and enthused enough to be more gregarious than with your standard indica.


This is obviously grown in an impeccable way by someone with, at least, exposure to top professional cultivation techniques. The coloration and terp levels are remarkable and both indicative of this excessive level of designer grade quality. Due to the sheer potency, I think I have to say that this is one that may rattle the nerves and intoxication withstanding ability of newer tokers. For the seasoned crew, however, seek and enjoy - this superior level of exotic doesn't come around that often!


Give Top Secret DC a shout ASAP to get your hands on some of this and their other epic designer strains. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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