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Pop Rox - Exotic Blooms

"Awesome Sauce" is a term I used to throw out a lot for period of time when I was a little younger. I thought it appropriate to bring back to life with the following strain of Pop Rox from Exotic Blooms. This shit is literally THE Awesome Sauce. To be honest, it doesn't really taste like pop rocks anyways. I mean, it does sting your tongue a little, but only in a pleasant way. No this batch of the rather elusive Pop Rox is a little fruity, a lot skunky, and more like a savory spoon full of some fruit infused marinade than a candy. Regardless, it is OH SO mouth wateringly delicious and its's strength is frankly ready to put you on a mission to Mars.

If you're looking for a night time indica to squash all the negative feels of the day away, this is your jam. It's got that make-your-eyelids-droop-in-a-pleasant-way kind of buzz to it. You know, the one where you don't really want to get up to get another glass of wine, but when you do you slowly stroll to the kitchen like you're walking on big pillows. Maybe you giggle a bit - or a lot - because you accidentally poured your wine onto the counter distracted looking at a poster on the wall. Yeah, this is that kind of weed.

As always from Exotic Blooms, this bud has been cultivated to the MAX. It literally could not be a more perfect specimen of spectacularly grown indica - so rich in color and starry trichomes. In fact, it would be lovely to know more about this truly phenomenal crop. However, again, her lineage turns out to be a closely guarded secret.

It does seem to be the case that this strain originates from, and has been almost exclusive to, Las Vegas. I guess in Vegas there's probably high demand for cannabis that can help cure any hangover and/or put you to sleep at any hour of the day. Enough of this shit and you'll feel like gold no matter where you are or what quarantine you're supposed to be in.

Overall, this is my new indica jam of the week - maybe the month (We'll see). Go check it out for yourself! Holler at Exotic Blooms ASAP before this Awesome Sauce is GONE.

PS: Don't forget promo code "Toker's Guide Sent Me" for $10 off.


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