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Purple Krunk Juice - Sugar Ray's

Extremely rare and only found in select circles outside of the West Coast, Purple Krunk Juice is currently available from one of our favorite DC i-71 delivery services, Sugar Ray's DC. It's so juicy and delicious you might find your self saying - to recall a certain crunk juice loving rapper from not long ago - "Yeeaaaaaayaah! Ok!"


An indica leaning hybrid cross of famously flavorful Purple Punch and Krunk Juice these buds are near perfectly cultivated, hand-trimmed, and organic. The aroma will immediately let you know terpene levels are off the charts when you open the pack and a super fruit-forward and grape-a-licious wave overtakes your senses.


The heavy, effervescent fruitiness passes easily on to the flavor, and this is especially the case in an ice cold bong. However, I have to recommend trying this one in a flower vaporizing device as well - the flavor is too delightful not to get the fullest sense of the mouth-watering capability it possesses.


In terms of effects, it runs what feels like 60/40 indica heavy, with some extra cushion in your step and tilt to your smile, this undoubtedly from the kush lineage (Kimbo Kush, Krishna Kush, Larry OG, and GDP are all in the family tree). It certainly takes all the weight off and leaves you with a tremendously calm demeanor. Expect munchies and a need to recline!


Overall, I'm a really big fan of the aroma/flavor stance of this batch and we just keep finding ourselves grinding it and vaping it (as mentioned) as we fade into evenings of streaming. To try it for yourselves, and pass some of "The Krunk" to your friends this holiday season, hit up Sugar Ray's DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for a special deal!

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